Commonly Used Nodes

  • Convert Splines to Geo: Polyline or wire node
  • Convert Polygon to Volume

    • Use GameDev Voxel Mesh Node: Creates watertight mesh
    • Use VDB From Polygons Node: Needs watertight mesh
  • Convert Volume to Polygon:

    • Convert VDB: Convert to=polygons
  • Convert Volume to surface/isosurface/sdf:

    • Convert VDB: VDB Class: Fog -> SDF
    • VDB Topology to SDF: will create shrink wrapped sdf around active vdb nodes. By definition, will create water tight meshes

Useful Nodes

Node Description
Rotoshape Allow to rotoscope image files
Polyframe Generate frames along curves, Mikkt Tangents, etc. 
Connectivity Generates mesh connectivity information so you can grab /destroy mesh islands