Export Anim

  • Houdini:

    • Y-up, Z forward
    • Set keyframe on root skeleton at frame 0
    • Export ROP: Force Blend Shape Export + Force Skin Deform Export

hou rop fbx xport

  • Unreal

    • Import with selecting existing skeleton if already exists
    • Use T0 as ref pose = True
    • Convert Scene = True
    • Force X-Axis = True
  • NOTE: Not sure how to export morph targets into UE4

    • Make sure prerot/postrot is set accordingly between bindpose & imported fbx
    • UE4 exported fbxs dont have prerot & postrot

Import Anim from UE4

  • Export with force X-axis front
  • Houdin import FBX convert Y-up=true
  • You might need to set the capture frame in the FBX Mesh network to be the first frame of the imported animation to reset the fbx bind skeleton bind pose