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Kite & Lightning’s Open Source UE4 Repo#

We’re a small -team VR indie studio working on a immortal baby party brawler, Bebylon Battle Royale:

We’re big on sharing so we decided to pull all our various open-sourced UE4 features/plugins into this repo. Everything here is permissively licensed so feel free to use in your own games.

In return, we only ask that you help us spread the word about our VR game, Bebylon Battle Royale by following us on @KNLStudio or signing up to our newsletter (


Superluminal Profiler#

Superluminal is an insanely low-overhead psamplin & instrumenting profiler with thread block visualization



NEW: 4.19.2 Integration with in-game live update drawing Video demo:

Integrating jonas’ amazing microprofile. It’s a fully featured profiler with live capture support, GPU timers, flame graphs, and remote capture. Short demo video:


Unreal Engine Python#

Fully featured Python support in UE4:

  • Full access to UE4’s reflection layer (UObjects, UFunctions, & Blueprints)
  • Extensive support for native Slate widgets & UMG in Python
  • Support for Editor Extensions (Custom Viewports, ToolbarButtons, Custom Context Menus)
  • Automation: Creating custom asset import pipelines like ingesting FBX, creating animation composites,
  • Sequencer scripting support

Our fork is at

LivePP UE4 Plugin#

Live++ is an insanely fast hot-reloading library. Here’s an example in our project of doing a hotreload in < 2s: The plugin is does the integration work for you and you simply just need to drop it in your project.

Live++ is made by Molecular Matter



Coming Soon: Integrating Insomniac Games MemTrace Tool into UE4 The tool is a faster & more improved variant of UE4’s MallocProfiler. For example, it doesn’t take 20 mins to open a couple minute trace.


  • Lightweight C++ runtime component with network recording
  • CRT heap hooking on Windows (Durango hooking available on request to licensed devs)
  • Full support for custom heaps and allocators
  • Supports displaying and analyzing fragmentation for custom heaps
  • Can display a delta between two arbitrary points in time.
  • Can aggregate memory data along several axes, including custom scopes
  • Supports asset and component memory scoping out of the box, but can be extended in source to group on arbitrary scopes
  • Supports forward and backward scrubbing in trace files during analysis

Last update: November 14, 2019